Four Signs Your Brakes Need Repair

You don’t need us here at Benton Road Auto Repair to tell you that your brakes are crucial to the safety of your vehicle. You know that, but do you also know the signs of failing brakes? It’s best to have your brakes inspected at the mileage duration recommended by your automobile’s manufacturer, and it’s also wise to have an inspected if you notice the following four things.

Noisy Stops

A little squeak or squeal after you’ve had your car, truck or SUV washed or if you’re driving on wet roads is normal. The brakes get wet and they make minor noise. If your brakes are squeaking regularly, however, this is not normal and you should have the brake system inspected. Sometimes, squeaky brakes are a sign that the system is dirty – not a big deal – but a grinding sound means your brake pads are worn down to their steel backing and need to be replaced. Failure to do so can damage your rotors.

Wobbly Stops

Your vehicle should never vibrate when you depress the brake pedal to stop the car unless you are on a bumpy road. If you notice shaking in your brake pedal or steering wheel, you might have a problem with your brake system. Braking should be smooth, and if your vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock brake system, even a sudden stop should be smooth. Vibration usually means your rotors are not wearing down evenly (they are warped), and this can make it difficult to stop your automobile when you need to.

Extended Stops

Another sign your brake system is wearing down and needs some maintenance is extended stops. You know approximately how long it takes for your automobile to come to a complete stop when it needs to and you depress the brake pedal in plenty of time to initiate that stop. If you suddenly find yourself running out of road before you stop, your brake system is showing its age. Worn parts overheat and create a condition that makes it more difficult for your vehicle to stop, which is why it takes longer.

Benton Road Auto Repair in Bossier City, LA, would be happy to inspect your vehicle’s brake system. You can set up an appointment by calling us. We will inspect your brake system thoroughly and recommend service and repair. Don’t’ worry. We’ll also work with you to keep the repair as inexpensive as possible. Don’t put off brake inspections. Your road safety depends on it.

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