Six Causes of Big Rig Accidents

An instant reaction to a semi-truck accident is it’s the truck driver’s fault. This unfair and dangerous assumption has made life hard for truck drivers, the very people we rely on to get our goods where we need them. Benton Road Auto Repair services and repairs commercial vehicles, including big rigs. One reason why is to keep them safe and reliable so they don’t cause an accident. Here are six common causes of semi-truck accidents to help you avoid them when you’re on the road.

Fatigued Driving

Trucking is exhausting. Drivers are on schedules they can barely make unless they keep hauling well into the night. Driver fatigue sets in and – boom. Fatigued driving is just as bad as drunk driving, which is why driver fatigue is a common cause of big rig accidents.


Driving a big rig is different from driving a smaller vehicle, which is why distractions can be even more deadly. There’s a lot going on with a semi-truck, not to mention the up-to-80,000-pound weight of the rig. Distractions must be kept to a minimum for optimal safety.

Impaired Driving

Exhaustion, distractions, drugs, and/or alcohol all add up to a dangerous condition: impaired driving. Drivers are impaired even if their blood alcohol content is below the minimum legal level. Anything that impairs driving, including amphetamines and medicinal marijuana, is dangerous.

Aggressive Driving

Yes, automobile drivers are rude and don’t know how to drive around a semi-truck. This doesn’t make it okay for a big rig driver to operate the rig aggressively, as well. Overtaking lanes, speeding, tailgating, and other aggressive driving puts the truck driver at fault if an accident occurs.

Cargo Loading

It might seem odd that the cargo the big rig is hauling can cause an accident but it most certainly can if it isn’t loaded properly. As we said above, with weight capacities as much as 80,000 pounds, the cargo must be loaded in such a way to keep the rig balanced.

Unsafe Rigs

Finally, as mentioned above, if a semi-truck is not maintained properly, it can become a road weapon. These vehicles require specialized services to ensure they are safe despite the fact they are big and heavy. Maintenance and repair can avoid semi-truck accidents.

If you’re based out Bossier City, LA, or driving through our beautiful town, let Benton Road Auto Repair service or repair your rig. You can call our shop to discuss your semi-truck service needs.

Photo by Davidf from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro