Auto Repair Can Be Safe During COVID-19

Benton Road Auto Repair is following CDC safety guidelines to keep auto service and repair as safe as possible during our nation’s battle against COVID-19. We understand that you might be wary to bring your vehicle in for its scheduled maintenance or fear you will be stuck if your automobile breaks down. Don’t be. Automotive services are considered essential and our shop is here to help. In addition to our reliable service, we are offering additional services and taking extra steps to protect you.

We’ll Come to You

Even with masks and gloves, it’s best for some people to stay at home no matter what. The elderly and people with compromised immune systems or existing respiratory illness are more susceptible to catching COVID-19 than others are, even if they take precautionary measures. Even if you aren’t a member of the “high-risk category,” you might still prefer to stay at home. We get this and we’ll come get your car and bring it back, too. This free service is available to local customers only.

We’ll Keep it Clean

The CDC recommends sanitization at this time. This includes washing your hands frequently and sterilizing surfaces. As such, we sterilize your vehicle in the places where we touch it and your keys, because we’ve touched them, too. Our goal is to ensure nobody in our shop or our customers are at risk of COVID-19, so we keep it clean before we service your car, while we service your car, and after we service your car. Your vehicle and keys will be wiped down thoroughly when we drop them off.

We’ll Let You Pay Us Remotely

Another precaution we are taking to protect you and us is to accept remote payments for our services. You can call us to pay your bill over the phone, or you can pay us using your cell phone or email. This reduces the need for contact, including us touching your credit card or accepting cash from you. Nobody is placing anyone under intentional risk at this time, but the safer we are the better we all are. You needn’t worry about visiting our shop’s office to pay your bill. You can do it from your home.

Let Benton Road Auto Repair in Bossier City, LA, keep your vehicle on its regular preventative maintenance schedule during COVID-19 precautionary practices. We can also repair your car, truck, or SUV if it breaks down because we know you still need it. 

Photo by Valeriia Miller from StopTheSpread