Common Sources Of High Beam Failure

Vehicles rely on lights to ensure other drivers notice you on the roads. Without them, your safety is at extreme risk (to put it lightly). So if your headlights stop working, it’s essential you take the time to understand the source and have it repaired right away. While some fixes require little more than a trip to the auto parts store, others need professional expertise. Here’s a look at the most common sources of failed headlights.

A Blown Blub

Most bulbs have a shelf life of 400 to 1,000 hours. During this window, you’re at risk of a blown bulb, the most common reason for headlights that don’t work. Fortunately, you can check the owner’s manual and head to the auto parts store for a replacement, and this job can be done by most laymen. It never hurts to have replacement bulbs at home in case one goes out (it’s rare more than one blows at the same time).

A Blown Fuse

If the current that runs through the circuit gets too high, the fuse will blow. Another simple fix, locating a blown fuse means you should look in the owner’s manual (for the fuse box location) and replace the damaged fuse. Note: Finding a perfect match is essential, and having extras at home will help you avoid another trip to the auto parts store in the future.

Damaged Wiring

A more complicated issue, circuit struggles almost always originate in the wiring. There could be a damaged connector or loose/corroded wiring that killed the current. Whatever the case, your best bet is to take the car to a trusted technician for a full evaluation. Electrical issues can be tricky and dangerous, so professional assistance is a must.

A Bad Relay

When you turn on the headlight switch, it engages one or more relays that control the headlights. If a relay gets damaged, the whole system will be affected. Again, a bad relay can be successfully diagnosed and repaired at an auto shop, so taking your car in right away will help you get back on the road without delay.

A Failed HID Generator

Vehicles that utilize Xenon headlights or high-intensity discharge headlights (HID) have another element called an HID generator. This part accelerates the voltage and stabilizes the charge as the bulbs operate, and if it gets damaged or corroded, the headlights won’t work properly.

Lawful driving requires fully-functioning lights (on both ends). If yours aren’t working well, make sure you get the problem successfully uncovered and fixed as soon as possible.

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