Does Putting Extra Air in the Tires Help a Car Cope with Carrying Extra Weight?

Every car has its own unique requirements for the PSI level or the amount of air per square inch that is required for proper tire inflation. This level should be maintained properly at all times in order to avoid excess wear or a blowout. When it comes to carrying extra weight, does adding more air to your tires help your car cope?

Pay Attention to Maximum Levels

All tires should show a maximum air level and weight capacity. It’s important that you don’t go over this level, or else you’ll experience something called excessive sidewall bulge. Your tire will start to “stick out” and will most likely eventually go flat. When the sidewalls bulge out, it creates excess heat which is a common cause for tire blowouts. Take a close look at your tires’ max load and max pressure in order to ensure that you don’t overfill it with air, even if you plan to add some extra weight to your car temporarily.

Do You Even Need to Add More Air?

The tire pressures listed on the inside of your car door are shown to reflect the normal weight of the car. If you plan to transport a few extra people or you just want to carry some heavy cargo across town, it’s not likely that you’ll need to add more air. You should not be exceeding the normal weight of your car regardless of the amount of air in the tires. Doing so is extremely dangerous and could even cause your brakes and steering control to fail.

Follow the Guidelines

Adding a little bit of extra air to your tires can be beneficial if you’re carrying extra weight, up to a point. A little bit of extra air can make your tires run more stable as you drive whenever you have excess weight in the trunk or passenger area. It’s important to note that you’ll need the PSI to match the front and back tires when adding air in order to ensure a stable, smooth ride. Uneven air levels in different tires can cause serious issues and even an accident. Always follow the maximum PSI and weight guidelines as shown on your tires, and never add more air than is listed.

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