Don’t Forget About Your Car’s Transmission Fluid Changes

Transmission fluid works in your transmission the same way motor oil works in your engine. This fluid is also a type of oil and it lubricates transmission gears and moving parts to prevent damage. The fluid draws heat away from these parts and protects them against wear and tear. Generally, you should have Benton Road Auto Repair change your transmission oil every 60,000 miles, but check your owner’s manual for the exact service protocol. Let’s talk more about transmission fluid changes.

Transmission Fluid

There are two types of transmission fluid, automatic and manual. There is also synthetic transmission fluid with additives that can be used in special circumstances to provide better lubrication. Whether automatic or manual, transmission fluid is tasked with

  • Lubricating transmission gears
  • Helping the torque converter
  • Helping the valve bodies
  • Preventing clutch friction
  • Preventing brake band friction
  • Keeping the transmission cool

If your transmission fluid is low or dirty, it will not be able to do its job effectively and you’ll notice it in your vehicle’s performance. Your gears might grind, slip, or hesitate. If you drive a manual transmission, you may also notice a difference in how your clutch feels.

Transmission Fluid Color

It might seem odd that we’re going to talk about transmission fluid colors, but the color of your vehicle’s transmission oil tells you when it needs to be changed. It’s best to go by your owner’s manual, but transmission fluid color will also tell you the following

  • Red/See-Through: This transmission fluid is new, viscous, and there’s no need to change it
  • Light Brown/See-Through: This fluid is getting older but still okay – you don’t need to change it
  • Dark Brown/Black/Opaque: This fluid needs to be changed ASAP – it’s old and oxidized
  • Pink: This fluid has coolant in it which means you’ve got a serious leak somewhere

The latter, pink, is a sign of serious trouble in the cooling system and/or transmission. It’s a good idea to have your transmission fluid checked every time you get an oil change just to make sure it’s okay. You can check your fluid yourself, but you’ll have to crawl under your car to do it.

Give Benton Road Auto Repair, Bossier City, LA, a call if you believe it’s time for a transmission oil flush and refill. We’ll check the fluid and change it if necessary. We’ll also inspect your transmission for any signs of leaks or other damaging wear and tear.

Photo by Batman 2000 from Getty Images via Canva Pro