Eight Common Diesel Engine Problems That We Fix in Bossier City

Those who drive diesel engines love them, which is why we here at Benton Road Auto & Diesel Repair service and repair these amazing pieces of machinery. We come across some common problems that can occur in all diesel engines at one point or another. Here is what they are so you know that we can fix them.

1. Hard Starts

Diesel engines don’t fire up as quickly as gasoline engines do, but this does not mean that you should have problems starting your diesel engine. It may crank a little bit at first, but it should start without too much trouble. If it gives you a hard time, the engine needs to be inspected and likely serviced.

2. Power Loss

One of the reasons why diesel engines are popular is that they can produce more horsepower using less fuel than gasoline engines can. This does not mean, however, that your engine won’t suffer power loss if the fuel injectors are clogged or you have a dirty fuel filter.

3. Fuel Contamination

Diesel fuel produces more power because it is energy-dense. It is also thick. Consequently, the price you pay for the extra power is contamination. Diesel fuel can be easily contaminated by things that can damage the engine, including moisture, glycol, and soot.

4. Faulty Storage Battery

If you drive a diesel work truck, you likely have a lead/acid storage battery in the starter system. If this battery is faulty or starts to go bad, you will have issues starting your diesel pickup. Usually, replacing the storage battery resolves the issue and you’re on the road again quickly.

5. Black Exhaust Smoke

A small amount of black exhaust flowing out of the tailpipes is okay; a large amount is not. If you notice excess black exhaust, you likely have a problem with the air and fuel ratio in the engine. Chances are the air filter is clogged or you have a broken fuel injector and the mixture is too rich in diesel fuel.

6. Oxidized Oil

This problem is common if you don’t drive your diesel automobile regularly. If the diesel engine sits for a long time without being fired up, air will make its way into the motor oil and cause bubbles that can damage engine parts. It’s important to get an oil change if your diesel has been sitting.

7. Weight/Viscosity Issues

Sometimes the incorrect weight and viscosity of the engine lubrication can also make it difficult to start your diesel engine. Diesel lubricants have a much higher viscosity than gasoline lubricants do because the diesel engines produce more heat and compression.

8. Too Much Noise

Finally, if your diesel engine sounds louder than normal, there’s something going on underneath the hood. Any loud, unusual, or knocking noises can indicate a fuel problem. Usually, the culprit is the fuel injectors, and this problem affects the engine’s compression and performance.

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