How Often To Rotate Your Tires

Getting a tire rotation is a service that many car owners overlook. It’s something that every driver knows they need, but they frequently forget to do. Your tires are essential to good vehicle performance and proper safety. If they are in bad condition, it can cost you a lot of money as well as your safety whenever you drive. So, how often should you have a tire rotation in order to keep your tires in good shape? Read on to learn more.

Frequency of Tire Rotation

There really is not a set interval at which you should have your tires rotated. A good rule of thumb is to have the service performed every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. However, if you drive a lot, drive in heavy traffic, or travel over rough terrain, you may need to have them rotated more often than other motorists. This simple process is designed to help keep your vehicle more stable and to keep the handling in check. Healthy tires provide you with safer maneuvering, and they will last a lot longer with less tread wear. A good rule of thumb is to ask for a tire rotation every time you take your vehicle for preventive maintenance. This service is affordable and worth every penny if you want to extend the life of your tires.

The Benefits of Rotation

When your tires are not in good shape, you stand to lose potentially thousands of miles of lifespan. This translates into expensive replacement costs since you’ll need new tires more frequently than you should. A tire rotation can extend the life of your tires by leaps and bounds and save you the added frustration of a potential blowout. It’s also important to note that some tire manufacturers require rotation in order to keep their warranty valid. This means if you can’t prove you had them rotated and your tire goes, your warranty might not be honored. Keep track of every service you get including tire rotation and make a not of the date the service was performed along with the vehicle mileage.

Overall, tire rotation should only set you back around $40 at most. This is a small price to pay for peace of mind and longer tire life. The cost of regular tire rotations pales in comparison to having to replace an entire set of tires. Some mechanics will even include a free tire rotation in their cost of an oil change or another basic service. Ask around to find out if tire rotation is included with other maintenance costs to help you save money and headaches. The next time to you take your vehicle for service, be sure to request a tire rotation so you can ensure that your tires last a long time.

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