How To Tell Your Car Needs A Tune Up

A tune-up is part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance, but you might not know exactly when it’s time to bring it in. Tune-ups are generally affordable and they’re really only needed periodically. Every six months or so is recommended for most cars, but there are times when your vehicle will signal that it’s time to get a tune-up done before the recommended schedule. Here are some ways you can tell that your car is in need of a tune-up.

The Engine Stalls

If your car is stalling frequently, this could be a sign that you need a tune-up. A stalling car can be a serious cause for concern, and it could be anything from a clogged oil filter to bad spark plugs. Luckily, regular maintenance should prevent this from happening. Stalling is dangerous and could leave you in a precarious position when you’re on the road, so check to see if you need a tune-up the first time your vehicle stalls just to be safe.

The Engine is Starting with Difficulty

If you’re having trouble starting your engine, this could indicate an assortment of problems. In most cases, a tune-up should eliminate this from happening. The spark plugs could be misfiring and preventing the engine from turning over properly. It may also be the sign of a dead or dying battery which is another easy and inexpensive repair. Getting a tune-up as soon as you have engine trouble is a good way to be proactive.

Your Fuel Efficiency Plummets

If you have a fuel gauge that monitors your gas mileage, it’s easy to know when the efficiency is on the decline. Even if you don’t have this type of monitoring, you can easily tell when you’re making extra trips to the gas station. Bad fuel economy can be from a number of things including issues with your emission system or even a poor tire alignment. There could be a myriad of problems that cause poor fuel efficiency, so take your car in for a checkup and a tune-up for a better diagnosis.

Your Car Produces Odd Noises

If you’re driving and suddenly hear strange noises, this may indicate an underlying problem. A clunking sound could mean that a part is loose, while a squealing noise may be an issue with leaking or a belt. All of the parts in your engine rely on each other, so any weird noises could indicate that one of those parts needs attention. Until you get it looked at, the noises will probably only get worse until you get a tune-up.

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