Signs Your Car’s Engine Cannot Be Repaired And Must Be Replaced

We never like to tell a customer that we cannot fix their car, but there are times when the engine damage is so severe that the engine must be replaced. If you wish to keep your car, then replacing a dead engine will get the vehicle back on the road. Benton Road Auto Repair explains the times when engine repair is generally the only solution to your car, truck, crossover, or SUV’s troubles.

Excess Exhaust

If there is an increase in the exhaust smoke coming out of the tailpipe, this is a sign that you have a serious breach in the engine; the more smoke the greater the problem. Black exhaust means your engine is burning gas. Blue exhaust indicates burning motor oil. White exhaust is a sign of burning coolant. It takes a catastrophic leak to burn the automotive fluids to the point of excess exhaust smoke.

Knocking Sounds

Loud knocking noises are often made by worn engine bearings. If these bearings go bad, they cause the pistons to knock against the camshaft, damaging both parts. Knocking sounds can also be caused by fuel or timing problems. For example, if your engine is misfiring, you might have multiple cylinder detonations at the wrong time, which can damage the cylinders and other combustion chamber parts.

Metal in Oil

Chances are, you won’t know you have metal in motor oil until your engine dies completely. As motor oil circulates through the engine, it cleans moving engine parts. If it collects metal shavings alongside normal dirt and grime, the parts are wearing down too much and are on the brink of failure. To fix the engine damage caused by this problem is often more expensive than just replacing the engine.

Power Loss

Minor power loss can usually be fixed; major power loss signals serious engine trouble. Significant power loss can be caused by a failing combustion chamber, cracked engine block, serious transmission problems, or even a total exhaust system failure. These are not easy things to fix. For example, if the engine block is cracked, there’s no solution other than to replace the entire engine.

Serious Overheating

You know what can crack the engine block? You guessed it! Serious overheating. If your engine overheats all the time, you’ve got extensive damage requiring engine repair. Hopefully, the damage is contained to the cooling system, although the repairs might still be expensive. If the overheating has wreaked havoc on the exhaust manifold, head gasket, engine block, and even melted parts, you’ll need a new engine.

This is the bad news. The good news is all of this can be prevented with factory-scheduled maintenance and auto repair when you need it at Benton Road Auto Repair in Bossier City, LA.