The Importance of Diagnostic Tests

Your car, truck, or utility vehicle is basically a computer on wheels. There is a system embedded in the vehicle to monitor vehicle performance and improve vehicle performance. This system also speaks to us when we run diagnostic tests on your vehicle. This allows us to diagnose problems quickly and find any hidden problems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Engine Control Module

At the heart of this system is the engine control module. This is your automobile’s main computer chip. The module receives data from system sensors. It uses this data to ensure that your vehicle is operating as safely and efficiently as possible. If there is a problem, the module will attempt to resolve it. If it cannot resolve it, it will turn on a dashboard warning light.
The module also actively works to run your engine. For example, it controls the timing of the spark plugs. It tells the plugs went to fire and in which order to fire. The module also balances out the air and fuel that is burned in the combustion chamber. These are just two things it does.

System Computer Sensors

We mentioned above that you also have sensors in your automobile. These sensors monitor various systems such as your brake system and your exhaust system. They send data to the engine control module to let it know that everything is running okay. They also send data if something goes wrong. This is when the module jumps in in an effort to repair the problem. Again, if it can’t, it will turn on a dashboard warning light.

The Diagnostic Test

If the module turns on the ABS light, we know right away that there’s a problem with the anti-lock brake system. This being said, we may not know the exact problem. If the module turns on the check engine light, numerous problems may have triggered the dashboard warning. This is why we run a diagnostic test.

When the system sensors report a problem to the engine control module, they issue a code that is associated with that problem. When we run a diagnostic test on your automobile, the engine control module downloads the code. This points us directly to the exact problem.

How This Saves Money

As you can imagine, this not only saves us time in diagnosing your automobile’s problem but also in repairing it. We know exactly where to go. For example, if the code that we received from the diagnostic test revealed a faulty oxygen sensor, we can replace the oxygen sensor right away. This saves you money.

There you have it. Now you know why diagnostic tests are so important. Give us a call today if one of your dashboard warning lights is illuminated.

Photo by M_a_y_a from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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