What Is the Purpose of a Diagnostic Test?

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A vehicle diagnostic test is more for us than you, but you are the one who benefits in the end. One reason why Benton Road Auto Repair performs diagnostic tests on the vehicles that come into our shop is because it saves you money. When necessary, diagnostic tests can isolate engine trouble quicker than we can, which means you save on labor. Notice we said when necessary, however.

When Are Diagnostic Tests Necessary?

If your check engine or another dashboard warning light comes on, a diagnostic test is necessary. If you would like a full vehicle inspection, a diagnostic test is necessary. If we cannot isolate an issue on our own and a description of the problem does not send us in the right direction, a diagnostic test is necessary. If you’re bringing your vehicle in for maintenance, you do not need a diagnostic test.

You see, the diagnostic test taps into your vehicle’s onboard computer and returns error codes if there is something wrong with any system in your vehicle. The error codes might point us to a failing oxygen sensor, a crucial part of your exhaust system, or an electrical issue that might spell trouble down the line. This test shows us things we cannot see otherwise, which is why we recommend them.

Smart Automobiles

Today’s technology is making automobiles smarter than ever, but what you can’t see is even more exciting than that fancy display console with GPS, rearview camera and everything else your heart desires. Automobile manufacturers install onboard computer monitoring systems that not only conduct a safety check when you start your car, truck or SUV but also stay on top of things while you’re driving.

This computer is kind of like having R2-D2 on board. If your ABS system glitches while your vehicle is in motion, your ABS or Brake dashboard warning light will turn on. If the computer senses an uneven air-fuel mixture in your vehicle’s exhaust, your Check Engine light will illuminate. As you drive, this onboard computer makes sure you’re safe at all times, and if you aren’t, it’ll alert you or cut the engine.

This is where the diagnostic test comes in. When you drive to the auto repair shop, which you should do right away – don’t take chances, the mechanic will hook up your vehicle’s onboard computer to the diagnostic machine. This downloads the computer’s data and helps the mechanic isolate the problem via error codes in the report. A diagnosis of the problem only takes the time of the test.

Benton Road Auto Repair performs diagnostic tests in our Bossier City, LA, shop all day long, and we’d be happy to run a diagnostic on your vehicle. Call us today to set up an appointment.